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medlabs cod dog treats

My Dog isn’t high, he’s happy

There is finally an option for natural healing for our furry friends! If you are health inclined or care about the effects of what goes into your body, you are probably mindful about your pets health and wellness as well. Sourcing solutions for pain relief and holistic care can be hard to navigate, especially if you are not living in a progressive area with a specialty pet boutique. Thankfully Medlabs has solved this problem because our products ship to any town, to any person, in all 50 states.

The main concern of those who have a pet that is experiencing behavioral issues or any kind of pain, is finding a solution that is compassionate to your pet and still works. It is heart breaking to see your dog in a bad state of heath. It is also challenging to have a dog that is acing out constantly. It seems like this would be easily resolved if we were able to communicate with them. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ask them what is wrong, and how we can help make it better? I am sure we have all dreamed about talking to our pets at some point in our life. Unfortunately we are not able to do that, but we can continue to offer them the best possible solutions to help them be healthy and happy pups!

medlabs CBD dog treats

Biology of a Dog

CBD can do so much for dogs, just like it can to humans because of their similar biology. Dogs have receptors in their body and brain that can bind with cannabinoids. At Medlabs we have created a specific formula of broad spectrum CBD compounds that work particularly well in dogs bodies. Our baked dog biscuits include CBD, CBDv, CBC, CBG and CBN. There is no THC or anything that will cause your pup to have any psychoactive experiences. (This means you don’t have to worry about your dog getting high!) Your fur baby will only experience healing and relaxation! In today’s holistic pet market, CBD dog treats infused with CBD compounds are helping pets deal with chronic pain and provide the relief they need naturally. No need to worry about expensive medications or have to deal with negative side effects of prescriptions. You can now provide healing to your fur babies without having to get expensive medications. Medlabs peanut butter dog treats are 5mg of the highest quality lab tested, broad-spectrum CBD.

When / why should I give my dog CBD?

natural healing for dogs

The clinical efficacy of cannabidiol treatment in osteoarthritic dogs is the most significant at this time. Dogs who are suffering from daily muscle and joint pain or have authorities can benefit greatly from the consistent integration of CBD. If your dog is having behavioral issues like excessive barking, separation anxiety, or is expressing sudden aggression, CBD may also be a good solution for you. Many of our customers see positive results after 5 days of consistent CBD use, and lots of love to their pups. Another great time to use CBD is when you are headed to the vet and your dog is expressing signs of being scared or defiant. Give your dog CBD 20min before their appointment to allow the to relax. You can also use CBD for post-op recovery or to ease any kind of injury they are experiencing. Over all, be sure that your dog is getting the care and medications it needs in order to heal properly, and keep in mind that CBD is a good healing option to incorporate for relaxation and pain management.

Medlabs dog biscuits are designed to help:

  • Weak or sore bones and muscles
  • Anti- Inflammatory
  • Separation anxiety
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Dog seizures
  • Cancer pain
  • Arthritis
  • After surgery care
  • Nausea

**Medical research surrounding CBD is still in its infancy, and so we can’t make any definitive medical claims about CBD, However, we can confirm that above are some of the main reasons these CBD products are currently being used.

effects of cad on dogs

CBD for dogs research studies

Because of its cloudy classification and constantly-shifting political winds, CBD creates a legal quagmire for anybody who wants to study or recommend its effectiveness as a medicine for animals. There is a gray area we exist in, in the medical hemp industry. Many establishments are working hard to become more clear on how exactly cannabinoids interact with both humans and dogs. The more research that is conducted in regards to CBD, the more we will be able to extend the healing powers of plant medicine, and legalize the use of cannabinoids. Cornell University and Colorado Sate University have recently published results from their studies on the effects of CBD on Dogs, and the results are promising.

Cornell University did a double-blind placebo trial with dogs suffering from osteoarthritis and multi-joint pain. In the double-blind test, the veterinarian/owner does not know which patient is receiving the placebo and which is receiving the drug. The results were very significant, according to the researchers with over 80% of the dogs taking the CBD oil showing “significant improvement in pain levels and quality of life” without discernible side-effects.

Colorado State University conducted a study on dogs who experiencing a high level of seizures. Based on the research, they found that 89 percent of dogs who received CBD in a clinical trial had a reduction in the frequency of seizures. This is very promising information in the world of holistic dog healing! With more information like this we can normalize the use of household CBD.

Locally sourced, made with love.

CBD dog treats

At Medlabs we are a huge fan of pups, so much so that we ensured that we created the most beneficial and balanced biscuit for you furry friends. We use up-cycled grains from local San Diego Micro Breweries, we add real peanut butter, local eggs, MCT oil and then a mix of cannabinoids that work the best with dogs biology. They are also lab approved and free of soy, gluten, and wheat! After writing this, I am so tempted to make the human version of these for our marketing office, they sound so delicious!
(If I do, I will post pics on our insta! Follow is @medlabscbd)

Happy dogs, happy people

Dogs are a part of your family, they are your best friend. If you have a pet that is suffering, Medlabs baked dog biscuits are nutrient packed solution that will help your pup along the journey of healing. To see the best results of CBD use the CBD on a consistent basis. Ensure that you are also giving your pup the basic love and care that it needs, in addition to the incorporation of CBD dog biscuits. We would love to hear your dogs story! Let us know what you think about Medlabs CBD biscuits by leaving a review at our online store.

Happy healing!