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Top Ten Woman in Cannabis


Two years ago if I were to ask you what CBD was, you would probably look at me with a bit of confusion. Now with NFL players starting CBD companies, cancer patients being treated with CBD and restaurants serving CBD cocktails, CBD is becoming a household name. CBD and cannabis would not be where it is today with out a number of female trailblazers who have worked on all aspects of cannabis including activism, policies, politics, entrepreneurship and so much more. As an emergent global industry the cannabis space offers more opportunities for more women than any other, more established industries. These 10 woman listed below are some of the many incredibly smart woman who have continued to spearhead their efforts toward directing cannabis to be a more supported and accessible industry for everyone. 


Zoe has over 17 years of experience in the industry, she serves as what is essentially the nexus of the cannabis industry. She as known as the go-to for all things cannabis because of her expertise and passion for medicinal healing. She represents some of the most influential brands in the industry. She has worked with hundreds of clients and is well rounded in her mentorship. She not only works with the cannabis industry, Zoe has also worked with tech, wellness, music, art, wine and spirits. Because of her support, many CBD and hemp brands have been able to reach thousands of people offering them alternative healing methods. Medlabs  is one of many brands that sell online, and ship to all 50 states so that anyone who is interested, can take CBD to heal their imbalances.


Okay this is definitely two in one, so its more like top 11 rather than top 10, but these two are a match made in hemp heaven! 
These woman are pioneers in the cannabis + feminist movement. Maya is an herbalist and Whoopi has historically been an activist for cannabis. Together they created Whoopi & Maya, a line of cannabis products aiding in PMS. It is one of the first product lines that has sparked grater awareness and research on how CBD + cannabis can help with period pain. As of now, they only offer their products in California and Colorado but hopefully we can al support the Whoopi and Maya synergy as laws evolve!


Cat Packer is the Executive Director of Los Angeles’ Department of Cannabis Regulation. Did you even know that department existed?! Well it does, and Cat as made sure that cannabis has a positive voice. She has worked endlessly to lead the world capitol of Cannabis into a legal future. Cat has also served as the California Policy Coordinator for the Drug Policy Alliance, where she focused on equity in cannabis policy reform.


Chelsea has spent a long time out of the closet about her love for cannabis. She has recently partnered with NorCal Cannabis Company in San Fransisco where she is going to release her own line of “female-centric” cannabis products. Her idea behind the brand is to reintroduce women into the marketplace, showing that women are strong entrepreneurs who have the ability to pave the way for an entirely new space. 


Years ago Constance battled a chronic illness with the power of CBD + medicinal cannabis. She was driven to be an advocate for plant medicine like CBD because she nearly died from pharmaceutical pain medications. Constance became fascinated with the science and healing properties of cannabis.


A home chef, DYI queen and expert of all things crafty, Martha has also made the leap into the CBD business world. She partnered with a cannabis company called, Canopy Growth. She is developing a line of CBD pet products. It promotes pets living a healthy and active lifestyle. 


We all know that media influences peoples perceptions on well, anything. Monica is an exceptional creative director and photographer who focuses on shining a positive light on cannabis in mass media. She is the founder of Sous Weed where she uses cannabis as a culinary herb to create gourmet and healthy dishes. She treats the herb as a culinary challenge, as she would with any other ingredient, and is elevating cannabis cuisine along the way.


Ophelia has refined her skills in so many areas including teaching, design, photography and of course being an entrepreneur. She has started several successful businesses in the cannabis world. Her most notable business is Stock Pot Images, a compilation of cannabis-related photos. She is also the co-founder of Push Mag a magazine that covers stories that promote diversity in the cannabis space. Ophelia is also the co-founder of Asia Americans for Cannabis where she is able to get more people involved in the normalization of cannabis use.


Terri is one of the only people in the cannabis industry who leads C-suite team driving events. She is the co-founder and president of Civilized Worldwide Inc, a cannabis media company. Civilized has a full video production team and a cross-platform digital media team. She also raises capitol and influences investor relations for cannabis companies. There are not many woman in venture capitol nor is there many woman in the private equity world. She has a mission of navigating investment by destigmatizing cannabis through smart, relatable media and experiences.


Tulsi is serving as Hawaiis second Congressional district in the House of Representatives. She is the first Samoan American and the first Hindu in all of Congress. Tulsi is a major leading advocate for marijuana law reform, she is also a sponsor of the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, which would remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act and allow states to make their own choices about cannabis policy. She has even gone as far as criticizing the federal government for standing in the way of cannabis law reform, particularly when it has healed so many people.


These 10 woman are equally inspiring as they are fascinating, and give us all hope for the legalization, decriminalization and normalization of CBD and medicinal cannabis. There are so many outstanding people who have creatively ignited a positive view on cannabis and we hope that we can see the list grow! These woman are powerhouses who work hard with the help of products like Medlabs. Medlabs offers a line of products to help ease stress anxiety and even muscle aches and body pains. If you are a trailblazer, or simply are in need of some natural healing options, you should order some My Natural CBD today! Be sure to tag us on your social medias (@medlabs_wellness) so that we can share the love of CBD with the world!